Flame Control Coatings TB 5 GL
Flame Control Coatings TB 5 GL

Flame Control Coatings TB 5 GL

Flame Control Coatings TB 5 GL 

* Colors available: White, Black and Gray.



With the appearance of traditional architectural coatings, Flame Control Fire Retardant Coatings inhibit the spread of flames and reduces heat penetration through the use of intumescent technologies. Flame Control features a wide variety of coating types to serve many different types of projects and applications.


Flame Control Flame Retardant Coatings are designed to meet federal, state, and local building and fire codes. These coatings retard the spread of flames and reduce heat penetration through intumescent technologies. Flame Control Fire Retardant coatings should be applied when it is necessary or desirous to reduce the flammability of combustible surfaces.

Flame Control Fire Retardant Coatings are ideal for a variety of substrates including wood, sheetrock, metals, fiberglass, composites, concrete, and open and closed cell foams. These coatings are applied using the same typical best practices of standard paint, and have the same aesthetic appearance as conventional architectural coatings.