Open Cell VPC OC NF

Open Cell VPC OC NF

VPC-50 NF  is an advanced insulation system specifically engineered for virtually all residential applications. The system is a two-component, light density, polyurethane foam part “A” (ISO) and a blended part “B” (RESIN) formulated to mix one-to-one by volume, and designed for spray application. It replaces and gives superior performance over traditional insulation materials including fiberglass and loose-fill products like cellulose, while offering ease of application for trained spray foam insulation technicians. VPC-50 NF  contains ZERO ozone-depleting blowing agents.

Recommended Product Applications

VPC-50 NF is extremely versatile, and can be applied:

  • Interior and Exterior Walls

  • Vented and Un-vented Attics

  • Un-vented Attic Assemblies

  • Between Floors and Ceilings


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